Much of the work of the Cornell Club of Washington is conducted by its committees, which include the Executive Committee, standing committees provided for in the bylaws, and committees appointed by the president or board of directors. For additional information about a committee, please email the chair.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee consists of the President, the First Vice-President, the Vice-President (Program), the Treasurer and one other person selected by the Board of Directors, which person may or may not be a member of the Board. The Executive Committee meets on the call of the President or any other member of the Executive Committee to take such action as may be taken when the Board of Directors is unable to meet. 

  • Grace Jean ’00, Chair
  • Terry Horner '92 PhD '98
  • Mark Skerry '07
  • Elisabeth Boas '71
  • Jim Schoonmaker ’74
  • Kerry Kooi ’08

Program Committee

The Vice-President (Program) is responsible for program planning for the Club, serves as Chair of the Program Committee, and appoints such Vice Chairs as are necessary to the complete functioning of the committee responsibilities.    

  • Jim Schoonmaker ’74, co-Chair
  • Kerry Kooi ’08, co-Chair
  • Grace Jean ’00, (ex officio)

Membership Committee

The Vice-President (Membership) serves as membership Chair, appoints such chairs as are necessary to the complete functioning of the membership responsibilities, and maintains an up to date mailing list of the active and associate members of the Club and a list of all alumni within the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area.
  • Liz Herman '01, Chair
  • Terry Horner '92 PhD '98
  • Grace Jean ’00, (ex officio)

CAAAN Committee

The Vice-President (CAAAN) is be responsible for secondary school activities of the Club and acts as Chair of the CAAAN Committee. The Vice-President shall appoint such Vice-Chairs as are necessary to the complete functioning of the committee responsibilities.     

  • Janet Cornfeld '72, co-Chair
  • Matt Nieman '98, co-Chair
  • Grace Jean ’00, (ex officio)

Scholarship Committee

The Vice-President (Scholarship) is responsible for the Scholarship Committee for the Club and appoints such Chairs as are necessary to the complete functioning of the committee    

  • Jill Fields '88, co-Chair
  • Dorothy Kester Jackman '04, co-Chair
  • Grace Jean ’00, (ex officio)

Technology Committee

The Vice-President (Technology) is responsible for coordinating the Club's ability to apply technical and informational applications, such as the membership database, listserv capability, the website and the Internet posting of events, and for appointing staff as needed to carry out the Internet publicity of institution programs.     

  • Dan Murphy '96
  • Lindsay Schattenstein '10
  • Grace Jean ’00, (ex officio)

Communications Committee

  • Grace Jean ’00, (ex officio)

Community Service Committee

The Vice-President (Community Service) chairs the Community Service Committee, which manages periodic service weekends and ad hoc volunteer events. The chair appoints vice-chairs as are necessary to the functioning of the committee.

  • Laura Gonzales Meyers '04, Chair
  • Grace Jean ’00 (ex officio)

Investment and Audit Committee

The Investment and Audit Committee is governed by the Charter of the Committee as the Board shall approve from time to time.
  • Eliot Greenwald '74, Chair
  • Terry Horner '92 PhD '98
  • Grace Jean ’00, (ex officio)
  • Dale Lazar '74 LAW '77
  • Kwame Campos Rodriguez '15
  • Mel Zurn '93
  • A'ndrea Van Schoick '96, DVM

Nominating Committee

The president appoints a Nominating Committee of at least five persons that nominates officers and directors to be voted for at the Spring Election Meeting. At least two members of the Nominating Committee must be from the membership at large and not be members of the Board of Directors. 

  • Eliot Greenwald '74, Chair
  • Elisabeth Boas '71
  • Julia Buffinton '14
  • Toniqua Hay GR '12
  • Terry Horner '92 PhD '98
  • Elina Hum '79
  • Grace Jean ’00, (ex officio)
  • Bob McKinless '48
  • Mark Skerry '07
  • Katherine Stifel '87

Newsletter Committee

The Vice-President (Newsletter) is responsible for the publication of the Cornell Club Newsletter and appoints any vice-chairs that are necessary to the functioning of the Newsletter Committee.

  • Elina Hum '79, Chair
  • Terry Horner '92 PhD '98
  • Grace Jean ’00, (ex officio)
  • Andrew Lai Law '16
  • Michael Onyemelukwe '04
  • Christine Song '94 JGSM '05

Bondareff Award Committee

  • A'ndrea Van Schoick '96, DVM, Chair
  • Carol Epstein '61
  • Grace Jean '00 (ex officio)
  • Knight Kiplinger '69
  • Steve Piekarec '74
  • Eli Savada '72

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