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The Future of Money

  • 11/04/2021
  • 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM

How will innovative digital currencies and finance technology platforms impact society?

In this webinar, we’ll reimagine the way individuals and organizations trade, spend, and invest in a brave new world of digital currency and finance. Experts from the Cornell SC Johnson College of Business, Cornell Tech, and Cornell Law School will explore how the digital revolution is transforming the way society makes payments, trades, and builds wealth. You’ll discover how financial technology innovations will impact everyday transactions and improve access.


Have questions for our panelists? Enter them in this "Future of Money" form. (Example: “Are you envisioning a world without cash?”)

Panelists (from left to right):

  • Lourdes Casanova, Senior Lecturer and Gail and Roberto Cañizares, Director of the Emerging Markets Institute, Cornell SC Johnson College of Business
  • James Grimmelmann, Tessler Family Professor of Digital and Information Law, Cornell Tech and Cornell Law School
  • Moderator, Susan Joseph, Executive Director, Fintech at Cornell, Cornell SC Johnson College of Business
  • Eswar Prasad, Nandlal P. Tolani Senior Professor of International Trade Policy, Dyson School, Cornell SC Johnson College of Business and author of The Future of Money: How the Digital Revolution Is Transforming Currencies and Finance.
  • John Wu, Dyson '99, President, AVA Labs

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