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The Cornell Club of Washington Scholarship program enables alumni and friends an opportunity to give on two fronts, financially helping local students to attend Cornell.

Through their hard work and generosity, Washington-area alumni have established and continue to fund five separate scholarships:

  • The Kiplinger Scholarship is awarded to a local area student. The scholarship is named in honor of Austin Kiplinger ’39, retired Chairman of the Cornell University Board of Trustees, for his service to Cornell University and the greater Washington, D.C. community.
  • The Howard S. Epstein Cornell Club of Washington Federation Memorial Scholarship, given annually to two local area students, honors the late Howard Epstein '58, Law '61, former President of both the Cornell Club of Washington and the Cornell Federation.
  • The Robert Ladd Scholarship Award is awarded to a local area student. It honors two-time Cornell Club of Washington President Robert D. Ladd '43, who spent virtually his entire lifetime as a Cornell booster.
  • The Cornell Club of Washington Cornell Tradition Scholarship is awarded to a local area student who is actively involved in volunteer community service at Cornell, holds at least a part time job and maintains a GPA standard. One aim of the scholarship is to decrease the student’s loan obligation upon graduation.
  • The McKinless Scholarship is awarded to a local area student who is actively involved in volunteer community service at Cornell.

The above scholarships all help students defray the “self-help” portion of their financial aid packages.

  • The Barber B. Conable Scholarship is awarded each semester (two per academic year) to a student enrolled in the Cornell-in-Washington Program. The scholarship honors Barber B. Conable '43, former Congressman and former President of the World Bank, for his contributions to our government and international relations. This stipend helps defray the cost of living in a major metropolitan area and the student's potential loss of income from being unable to hold a work-study job while living in DC and working in an internship.

Scholarship Funds are raised through gifts from alumni, general programs, specific fundraising events, and CCW Life Memberships.

If you know a worthy student who would benefit from a CCW scholarship, or for more information about gift or volunteer opportunities, please contact

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